Our Services

Residential Painting

Expect the best when you hire our team of experts for your residential house painting needs. Washer LLC, has built our stellar reputation on providing unmatched excellent service and superior results with our painting options.

Exterior and Interior Painting

The main differences between interior and exterior paints are resins and additives. The binding resins for interior paints are rigid. They allow interior paint to be cleaned easily and are stain resistant.

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Cabinets Painting

If you’re tired of the way your kitchen cabinets look, you don’t have to pay to have a new kitchen installed. You can save money and give your kitchen a facelift by having your cabinets refinished. This project requires a lot of work and craftsmanship, so it’s best to hire experienced professionals from Washer LLC . With us, you can rest assured that the job will be done with skill and precision.

Epoxy Garage Floor

With garage floor epoxy the best step you can take to create the most durable and toughest flooring for your garage is to apply a garage floor epoxy coating. Unlike traditional garage floor paint which simply dries on the surface it is applied to, high build garage floor epoxy coating undergoes a chemical reaction that results in a thick coating that is 10x thicker and more durable than home-center type epoxy and is tightly bonded to the prepared surface.

Drywall Repair

Our drywall repair service is ideal for a number of different home renovations and commercial projects. Whether you are working on new walls for your home renovation and building project or need repair and maintenance to fix cracks, holes and wear and tear, you can trust us to provide quality workmanship and reasonable prices.